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Shouts today

Team DX1, 22:30
Zwickau. Goed bier met schnitzels.

Team 72, 22:22
72 has found a pilot for tomorrow, thanks for the support, keep gliding!

Team M3, 22:15
Not visibke at the position board?

Team M3, 22:14
M3 at Riesa Canitz.

Team N2, 21:57
N2 we really liked it at Grosse Wiese and stayed for another day.

Team M1, 20:56
M1 and 4P at Bronkow

Team Q, 19:22
Not having the positions on the map is really really unfortunate and takes away a lot from the competition. Not to mention all those people who got the link to follow along from home. Please fix this with utmost urgency!

Team 72, 18:37
team 72 in Nienburg Holzbalge. Does anybody know a towing pilot with a tow plane who can give us (DuoDiscus) a lift into the air tomorrow morning - please call Hajo 01743009964

Team DX2, 17:35
Helaas geen vliegdag wegens een technische probleem. Hopelijk deze avond opgelost zodat we morgen verder kunnen.

Team S10, 07:58
Goor Morning from S10 in Magdeburg ... I dont see any positions on the Euroglide-Map ? When wil they be visible ? Would be nice to know ...

Team 7L, 00:53
Team 7L op Neuruppin

Team 8W, 00:06
8W & DW at Kyritz

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Day 2, Tuesday 21 June

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Notifications today:

Latest location of the teams
At this moment we cannot show the latest position of all the teams on the map. But for the time being you can check individual positions via:
Modified 21 June 11:36

Follow the teams live
Use this link: If you do not see teams, then zoom a little bit in!!
Modified 21 June 12:11

Positions on the map
It seems to be working again. Just to be sure. Insert your location manually in the Upload-page. Do not use the mobile shout site for this.
Modified 21 June 20:36

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Day report

A few teams already rounded turning point Szczecin and a lot of teams will follow today.
Modified 21 June 13:50

Today was again a good day. Many teams rounded the turning point Szczecin and ended the flight somewhere between Dresden and Leipzig and some even further south. You can see their positions on the map, which luckily works again.
Modified 21 June 21:55

PositionSelf launchers TurbosGliders
Auerbach (EDOA)CAT U6
Bad Pyrmont (EDVW)ZVC
Bautzen (EDAB)Q3
Coburg Brandensteinsebene (EDQC)DL
Bronkow (EDBQ)4P M1
Friesener WarteHK
Riesa Gohlis (EDAU)AD
Grosse WieseN2
Grossenhain (EDAK)iNO
Kothen (EDCK)PLZ
Leeuwarden Leeuwarden Ab (EHLW)DGT
Gera Leumnitz (EDAJ)B NU
Falkenberg Lonnewitz (EDUF)LB2
Nienburg-holzbalge (EDXI)72
Altenburg Nobitz (EDAC)WO
Oschatz (EDOQ)BV Q NN E13 E 8W DW 2D
Pasewalk (EDCV)FW
Riesa CanitzGH 2T BB2 E12 VP LB1 MCT LT BB1
Fehrbellin Ruppiner Land (EDBF)DX2 T-12
Finsterwalde Schacksdorf (EDUS)3T
Jena Schongleina (EDBJ)TP LL 7L HLB QV
Chateau-arnoux St Auban (LFMX)
Stendal-borstel (EDOV)YD
Welzow (EDCY)S10
Zwickau (EDBI)YY MU AB 2X FND 4T DX1