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Shouts today

Team N2, 22:06
Landed after full blue day in Bienenfarm, large airfield but quit different from the smaller gliderfields, no towing service or support, but we made it

Team E12 , 21:32
Wat is Euroglide gaaf!!!?

Team DL, 20:41
Bad Neustad staat niet in database. DL staat op Bad Neustadt

Team YD, 20:08
Heeft iemand de telefoonnummers van Team 72 dat op Pasewalk staat ivm vraag over startcapaciteit morgen?

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Day 3, Wednesday 22 June

Day report

Today, which started with good flying conditions finally ended due to a rain front. But the weather forecast for tomorrow gives hope that they can continue. Maybe Huetten Hotzenwald will be rounded.
Modified 22 June 22:13

PositionSelf launchers TurbosGliders
Amberg RammertsWO
Beilngries (EDNC)AB MU
Bienenfarm (EDOI)N2
Burg Feuerstein (EDQE)S10 M3 BB1
Gardelegen (EDOC)ZVC
Giebelstadt Giebelstadt Aaf (ETEU)Q3 3T DX2 AD
Suhl Goldlauter (EDQS)2D
Bad Neustadt/ Saale Grasberg (EDFD)DL
Schwabisch Hall Hessental (EDTY)NU
Laucha (EDBL)VP
Lichtenfels (EDQL)KP
Pasewalk (EDCV)YD 72
Ansbach Petersdorf (EDQF)G4
Riesa CanitzFW
Rothenburg O.d. Tauber (EDFR)TP B YY LL GH PLZ 2T HLB BB2 7L E13 FND
Finsterwalde Schacksdorf (EDUS)T-12
Wurzburg Schenkenturm (EDFW)NN E
Schweinfurt Schweinfurt Sud (EDFS)E12 M1
Stendal-borstel (EDOV)DGT
Unterschupf (EDGU)LB2
Walldurn (EDEW)4P CAT Q BV 2X LT DX1 MCT DW U6 8W
Wasserkuppe (EDER)iNO