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Shouts today

Team 3T, 15:42
Landed in Grabenstetten. not in list

Team NU, 13:46
Clarification grom Baer Selen.Rules page 17 4th line. split in "two contest flights"... must be "two segment".

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Day 5, Friday 24 June

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D-R Elmau is active from 25.06.2022 12:00 hrs UTC until 28.06.2022 22:00 hrs UTC. Avoid this area on the leg from Huetten to Klatovy.

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Modified 24 June 17:45

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Day report

Yesterday quit a few teams rounded turning point Huetten Hotzenwald.
For today the weather forecast is not very good.
Modified 24 June 07:58


Today some teams were in the air and made some progress.

Because there was rain in the east of Germany, the leading teams were forced to land about 120 to 150km before the last turning point.

Later you see their positions on the map, however the map is not showing nice at the moment. But, you also see the positions in the list below the map.

Maybe tomorrow the first finishes? We will see.

Weather forecast for tomorrow is good !!

Modified 24 June 18:13

PositionSelf launchers TurbosGliders
Altdorf Hagnhaus7L
Beilngries (EDNC)NN 2T
Burg Feuerstein (EDQE)Q3 2X
Donaueschingen-villingen (EDTD)GH
Aalen-heidenheim Elchingen (EDPA)MU G4 WO E 4T M1
GredingFND U6
Göttingen-heilbach (EDHD)ZVC
Schwabach Heidenberg (EDPH)PLZ MCT
Heubach (EDTH)T-12
KlippeneckiNO VP
Laucha (EDBL)72
Lusse (EDOJ)N2
Neumarkt/ Opf. (EDPO)4P
Regensburg Oberhub (EDNR)LB2 BV CAT DX2 Q NU LT
Ottenberg PilsacE13 E12 BB2
Pasewalk (EDCV)YD
Finsterwalde Schacksdorf (EDUS)DGT
Schwandorf (EDPF)HLB 8W DW
Schwenningen Am Neckar (EDTS)S10
Chateau-arnoux St Auban (LFMX)
StillberghofBB1 M3
Voelkleshofen LDL
Weiden (EDQW)AB YY