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Shouts today

Team 2D, 21:50
2D finished today and started way back to Heppenheim. We landed in Lünen. Thanks for the great events and moments we will remember. See you next Euroglide!!

Team 7L, 16:10
Dank aan de orga voor wederom een mooie week vliegavontuur!

Team 7L, 16:08
Hèhè, we zijn gefinished

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Day 9, Tuesday 28 June

Day report

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PositionSelf launchers TurbosGliders
Cham JanahofYD
Arnhem Deelen Ab (EHDL)iNO B 2T DL
Mainz Finthen (EDFZ)S10
Luenen Lippeweid2D
Middelburg Midden-zeeland (EHMZ)PLZ
Oerlinghausen (EDLO)DGT
Soesterberg Soesterberg Ab (EHSB)M3
Deventer Teuge (EHTE)T-12
Venlo (EHVE)Q Q3 3T AD YY 7L E VP HLB E13 WO NU BB2 G4 4T U6 M1 8W DW