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Mon 24 June until Fri 5 July
Take off in days

Euroglide 2024 news

Registration closed

(update, 6 november 2023)

We are happy with the great response, 30 entries within the first 3 minutes! Unfortunately we had to close the registration yesterday evening to avoid too many registrations.

It is likely that we can still accept a few participants after some cancellations. Please send us an email and we will put you on the waiting list.

Email address:
Required info, if known: callsign and glider type


(update, 4 november 2023)

On November 5th 2023 after 10.00 hr you can register via this button:

Register for Euroglide 2024


(update, 26 October 2023)

We hope you like the 2500 km route criss-cross through Germany which is not too heavy for the ground crews if you make tactical decisions at the turning points.

On November 5th 2023 at 10.00 hrs registration opens.

During registration you will create an account belonging to the competition number of your glider. Make sure you remember the login details as you will need it later on.

The registration fee for the Euroglide is € 290. To confirm your registration, you have to transfer the fee within 7 days. Your registration is only valid if the registration fee is paid in time. During registration you will find the Euroglide bank account.


(update 17 October 2023)
Euroglide 2024 route
Euroglide 2024 route,
click to enlarge.
The picture shows the intended trajectory of about 2500 kilometers with the turning points: Venlo - Hodkovice – Lüneburg – Thannhausen - Lüsse - Venlo.

Deviations of this plan will be possible until the briefing day to deal with airspace limitation or other last minute obstacles, for example due to UEFA EURO 2024 football matches. Also the intention is to add one extra turning point per class on the first leg to avoid crowded airfields after the first day of flying.

Invitation to participate in “Euroglide 2024”

(update 17 October 2023)

Dear Euroglide friends, the organisation committee of the Euroglide has come to life again! As a first step we have fixed a date for the Euroglide challenge in 2024.

The period for the Euroglide 2024 will be from Monday, June 24th to and including Friday, July 5th (assuming there are no major military exercises in that period)

We ordered some excellent weather for the 12 flying days and finalize the event with the prize giving ceremony on Friday evening July 5th.

Time schedule

(update 17 October 2023)

Registration open Sunday November 5 10:00
Briefing at VenloSunday June 23, end of afternoon
Flying taskFrom Monday June 24 until Friday July 5
Price giving at Venlo  Friday July 5

Note that the final day of flying ends on Friday afternoon and price giving will be on the same evening at Venlo.
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You can update your registration info via this button: Team login

Euroglide accounts ordered by callsign
111Vladimir Jirka, Lukas BenediktTwinShark119Self launcherCZE
214Ludwig StarklVentus 3M122Self launcherAUT
32MMichiel LodderDiscus-2 cT114TurboNED
42TEmma Gillebaard, Hein Romeijn, Larry Meenk, Sicco GillebaardDuo Discus XT113TurboNED
52XRens van Broekhuijsen, Tjeerd Reitsma, Ad Ooijevaar , Jeppe de BoerArcus T120TurboNED
637Gerd SpiegelbergAntares 18t120Self launcherGBR
74PHenry Heine, Axel Horst, Adrie Batenburg, Nils van der VeldenNimbus-4DM123Self launcherNED
87LMark de Jonge, Bert Otten, Koen Wouters, Schugard Kirsten, Elbert WesterhoutNimbus 4DT123TurboNED
97WHaJo Winter, Stefan Krämer, Jochen KönigArcus T120TurboGER
108Evelien Nijland, William Stalenburg, Charles Munnig SchmidtHPH304TS119Self launcherNED
1181Marc Wielscher, Moritz Habermann, Luisa Marx, Tom EverwinArcus120GliderGER
128WHubert Dulle, Dirk Florian, Marc Bickenbach, Stefan Mommertz, Christian LudloffNimbus 4D123GliderGER
13AAAErwin Ziegler, Irene ZieglerArcus M120Self launcherGER
14ABPeter ScholzAntares 20E122Self launcherAUT
15ABAxel BeurerASH26E119Self launcherGER
16ADFrits BaltusASH30 Mi123Self launcherNED
17ARCPiet Van den BergArcus T120TurboNED
18BJeroen Kole, Rien BastiaanseASH 30MI124Self launcherNED
19BDHarry Cramer, Jaap Van der Zaag, Age S OsingaunknownSelf launcherNED
20BVVolker PolhausASH 26 E119Self launcherGER
21CNManuela RoeslerDiscus 2ct114TurboGER
22CZNik Šalej, Bernard DobreStemme S10110Self launcherSLO
23D-KJESJohan cnossen, Bert KuyperStemme S12114Self launcherNED
24DGTSjoerd van den Berg, Wilfred GroeneveldDG1000T111TurboNED
25DLKarel van der Zande, Karl Napp, Michel HoltkampDuo Discus XLT113TurboNED
26DWDietrich Hoehn, Christoph Welter, Heinz Röltgen, Richard Brëum, Gerald ErndtASH-25 WL123GliderGER
27DXHermann MöllerArcus T120TurboNED
28DXDirk HamerlynckNimbus 4DM123Self launcherBEL
29E13Erik Houtman, Maurice Peters, Mark den BestenArcus-T120TurboNED
30FMThomas Welling, Mario WichmannASH 25 MI123Self launcherGER
31FNDDirk Van den Borne, Paul Van den BorneDuo Discus T112TurboBEL
32FWHuib ZwartVentus 2cT115TurboNED
33GHMichael Godoj, Mike Hilhorst, Heinrich van de SandtASH25 M123Self launcherGER
34H9Jens Davenne, Niels Davenne, Jimmy HageDG-1000T111TurboNED
35HAMax MensingArcus M120Self launcherGER
36iNOStephan KollaartDG500M110Self launcherNED
37JJStef den Boer, Sjoerd Talsma, Jos SmitDG500M110Self launcherNED
38JPJohan HamelinkJS1C126TurboNED
39K9Ferdi KuijpersDuo Discus XLT113TurboNED
40KPFrouwke KuijpersAsw20clj112TurboNED
41KRJoop Ramaekers, Manuel KusterLak 17b-fes123TurboNED
42LARuud Holswilder, Harold Van Der Linden, Richard OudDuo Discus XT113TurboNED
43LDPetr Hotovy, Lubomir DoupalArcus M120Self launcherCZE
44LFSandi KavalicDuo Discus FES113TurboSLO
45LLErnst-Jan van de Weijgert, Dirk Brokken, Marc van Breemen, Lodewijk BeukelaarNimbus 4DM123Self launcherNED
46LPZSijmen de VriesEB-28 edition125Self launcherNED
47LTRobert WertsNimbus 3T122TurboNED
48LZLuka ZnidarsicVentus 3 F122Self launcherSLO
49M3Jan Paul Beeke, Goof Berg, Herbert van Zomeren, Jeroen Marinus BeekeDuo Discus XLT113TurboNED
50MCTMichel Van Abel, Han Teunissen, Edwin Van GompelDuo Discus T112TurboNED
51MEAndreas KathASH 30Mi124Self launcherGER
52MRMischa KoningsLS10-st119TurboNED
53MUMathias MuenchDG800B/18M119Self launcherGER
54NUNiels Oerlemans, Dick TeulingVentus 2CT114TurboNED
55PJKlaus-Joachim Scheffler, Andreas Lüthi, Dieter LoyArcus T120TurboSUI
56QKai BrüningQuintus M126Self launcherGER
57Q5Eckard SeegerAntares 21123Self launcherGER
58QVNico KosterDuo Discus T112TurboNED
59SHGert Bosch, Ronald de BoerDuo Discus XLT113TurboNED
60T12Tim PeterDuo Discus WL113GliderNED
61TPDirk Nieuwenhout, Bart Groen, Frank Hiemstra, Menno SappéEB28125Self launcherNED
62TTPeter Schellenberg, Ruud OerlemansDG800B119Self launcherNED
63U6Willem Dortu, Vincent de KoningDG800S119GliderNED
64unknownRonald KaayunknownTurboNED
65unknownLizzy van Zomeren, Wouter Bakker, Christiaan van Vliet, Teun VlemingunknownGliderNED
66unknownAndy Vd SteltunknownTurboNED
67unknownMartijn Imminga, Ron van ValkengoedunknownGliderNED
68UPUeli Erb, Thomas PeterDG-808120Self launcherSUI
69VHRoland nz van der WalVentus 2fes121TurboNZL
70VPArjan van DijkDuo Discus XLT113TurboNED
71WGHelmut MennelAntares 20E122Self launcherAUT
72WLRalf HellebrandNimbus 4DM123GliderGER
73WOCarino van RemmenDuo Discus XLT113TurboNED
74XBFrank KummetatASW27114GliderGER
75XLBen Heylen, Hugo Mertens, Geert Callewaert, xx xxDuo Discus XLT113TurboBEL
76YDRob van Tulder, Jan Pol, Hans van Zandvoort, Robert van van GalenDuo Discus XLT113TurboNED
77YYHermann RosingVentus 2CM120Self launcherGER
78ZVCAukje Engel, Marc Hardenberg, Jan Brouwer, Henk KoudijsArcus M120Self launcherNED