Edition 2002: Photos by DP  

Photos by team DP
Photo's made by Sjack Verspay, Reinoud van der Reyden and Louis Custers during their Euroglide 2002 trip.

DP departs from Eindhoven

Romorantin 25-06-2002
The morning of the second day. Euroglide participants on Romorantin: DP, C4, XX, YA, MD, D2, EH, NL, PM and VW.

Daan Pare spotted by the DP.

Euroglide is fun!
Euroglide is fun!   Reinoud van der Reyden in the Janus.

Euroglide participants on Coburg.

The castle of Coburg is allmost on the extended centerline of the field.

DX towed from Eisenach
DX is towed from Eisenach.

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