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Day 1, Monday 18 June

Organisers report

15:55 - Euroglide 2012 will open on Tuesday June 19th at 09:00 hrs !! Startfacilities available on Eindhoven.

13:25 - Grid closes at 14:30 hrs

10:15 - New briefing at 13:00 hrs. Routing will be clockwise!

Daily position reports

At the end of each day, teams have to report their position.

 Position  Selflaunchers  Turbos  Gliders 

During the day several teams can be tracked in real time on

Shouts today

Team EU, 23:45:58
test 123

Team EU, 23:30:51
mobile site not operational yet

Team EU, 20:22:44
working on the shoutbox...