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Daily position reports

Teams report their position at the end of each day. These positions are plotted on the map and listed in the table on this page. During the day most teams could be tracked in real time on

Shouts today

Team DX1, 22:58:58
Waar is da feestje.. hier is da feestje.

Team FND, 22:33:48
FND at Heppenheim!

Team FND, 22:33:37
FND at Heppenheim!

Team XLT, 22:31:13
Lekker aan de pizza in Siegerland

Team LA, 21:52:23
At Heppenheim with RC (+ private tow plane) and FND

Team RD, 21:43:34
RD Team got a nice surprise diner in Gelnhausen from \"Mimmo & Pippo\" ;) (its closed on mondays)

Team LB2, 21:30:47
We arrived on Schwabisch Hall and have a nice good Herbsthäuser Weizen

Team EH, 21:20:59
Kulmbachs Sympathisches bier einfach fantastoraal

Team EH, 21:19:04
@NY Goed te horen dat alles heel is. Nog veel dagen te gaan. Jullie halen de pack wel weer in.

Team KRO, 21:18:57
KRO Electrics failed. Had to land at Venlo, where they generously supplied us with their old Duo battery. Then a winch launch and we we on our way, very late.

Team DG6, 21:04:52
DG6 in Gotha-ost, EDEG, niet kunnen vinden in mobile versie.

Team VIN, 20:54:45
lekkere vette chinees op Bruchsal!!! Leo

Team NY, 20:40:57
In hoog mais geland, kist heel, wij gebroken ...

Team LY, 19:58:20
Lekker bier en gastvrijheid op ff voorbij Marburg

Team H9, 19:27:07
H9 geland op Ludewigshafen Dannstadt

Team DL, 18:50:08
DL landed at EDHD. Niet in de mobile versie te melden ::)

Team M3, 07:57:09
Goodmorning everybody. Keep calm and soaring on. Good luck and have nice flights, cu in the air :)

Team MCT, 07:47:03
Goodmorning everybody

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Day 1, Monday 23 June

Notice board

Formal messages from the organisation

Notifications today:

Change of Eindhoven as startpoint
Due to airspace restictions within the Eindhoven CTR and TMA, the Eindhoven startpoint (Low Turbo's and Self Launchers) as published in the contest rules has changed to a point approximately 30 km east of Eindhoven.
The coordinates of the new start point are 51 24,30 N, 005 49.00 E
The start area is defined as a beercan centered around the starting point with a radius of 1 km and a maximum altitude of 900m AMSL.
Contest flights starting within this beercan are regarded valid, without any credit penalty (i.e. no initial displacement cost and no launch costs).

This new starting point must be used for all displacement calculations for Low Turbo's and Self Launchers. The coordinates of the old start point (Eindhoven glider strip) are no longer relevant for Euroglide.
Modified 22 June 23:31

Glider class - first start at 11:20.
The competition for the glider class will be opened at 11:20!
Modified 23 June 11:19

Day report

The competition for the high turbo opened at 12:05

Modified 24 June 07:54

The competition for the low turbo and self lancher classes opened at 11:53!

Modified 24 June 07:54

What a great start of the Euroglide 2014!
After the traditional breakfast at Eindhoven most teams start rigging the gliders, and after the briefing at 10:00 am all gliders were moved to the grid. At 11:20am the Euroglide 2014 was a GO at Malden, where the first (gliders) class started the competition. All other classes followed at Venlo and Eindhoven.

Today all of the teams flew great distances, as shown on the position reports. GO Teams!

On request from the contest officials: please report your position as soon as possible after landing, if possible before 9:00pm. This way we don’t have to chase teams.
Modified 24 June 08:24

PositionSelf launchers Low TurbosHigh TurbosGliders
Bad Langensalza (EDEB)ZY
Bad Sobernheim-domberg (EDRS)EG
Bayreuth (EDQD)MR LB1 LT WM M1
Bruchsal (EDTC)VIN
Aalen-heidenheim Elchingen (EDPA)YY LL BV 37 DX2
Gelnhausen (EDFG)RD
Giebelstadt Giebelstadt Aaf (ETEU)Q2
Goch-asperden (EDLG)MI
Suhl Goldlauter (EDQS)VC NU T12
Gotha-ost (EDEG)DG6
Gruenstadt QuirnAIR
Göttingen-heilbach (EDHD)DL
Heppenheim (EDPA)RC LA FND
Schwabisch Hall Hessental (EDTY)ZZZ 30 PS LB2
Hockenheim (EDFX)K9
Kulmbach (EDQK)EH ZCR
Lichtenfels (EDQL)7L FP
Ludwigshafen DanE12 H9
Giessen Lutzellinden (EDFL)XS
Mannheim Mannheim City (EDFM)DX1
Marburg-schonstadt (EDFN)LY
Ober-morlen (EDFP)S
Oerlinghausen (EDLO)NY
Gunzenhausen Reutberg (EDMH)UFO
Rothenburg O.d. Tauber (EDFR)M3
Rudolstadt-groschwitz (EDOK)N FX NV CX M
Siegerland (EDGS)XLT
Sinsheim4P VP
StauffenbuehlCVA YR
Coburg Steinrucken (EDQY)E11 U6
Voelkleshofen L49
Wasserkuppe (EDER)iNO RW
Schwabisch Hall Weckrieden (EDTX)JOY MCT
Weinheim/ Bergstrasse (EDGZ)KRO