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Daily position reports

Teams report their position at the end of each day. These positions are plotted on the map and listed in the table on this page.

Shouts today

Team KRO, 20:17
KRO has retired with electrical problems. We had a great week and thanks to the organising team for all their work.

Team NL, 19:53
The swiss team is happy to be back in Venlo. We had a fantastic adventure, always flying forward was super excitig. Big thanks to the organizers and see you soon.

Team HX, 15:08
HX finished the Race at Breitscheid, our homebase. It was a great experience. Thanks to the organizers and will see us in 2020.

Team AB, 12:32
AB finished the race at Donaueschingen. Too bad that the competition takes place only every two years. If the competition took place every year, I would be there every time.

Team MU, 09:53
MU finished with displacement somewhere near Neuenahr. Many thanks to the organizers of this great competition. It is sad not to see you in Venlo at the end, but maybe we meet at the pricegiving in autumn.

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Day 8, Monday 9 July

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PositionSelf launchers Low TurbosHigh TurbosGliders
Bad Sobernheim-domberg (EDRS)YD
Bruchsal (EDTC)TX
Dahlemer Binz (EDKV)iNO KP
Hassloch PfalzT12
Huetten HotzenwlNU
Venlo (EHVE)SH KRO YA1 72 8W ZCR VA TUM 104