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Daily position reports

Teams report their position at the end of each day. These positions are plotted on the map and listed in the table on this page.

Shouts today

Team T12, 17:12
T12 landed on EHTE. Thanks for the unforgettable EG2018!

Team T12, 16:00
T12 on it's wat tot homebase

Team VB, 15:42
T12 just finished at high altitude. Congratulations! This concludes Euroglide 2018.

Team VB, 15:25
T12 is approx 20 km south of Venlo at 1500 glide!

Team VB, 10:10
The last man standing. Go T12!

Team DGT, 09:10
Mooie foto van de perfect gemaaide tekst in het gras op Venlo "EUROGLIDE-2018".

Team DGT, 09:04
T12, jullie hebben de maximale Euroglide ervaring eruit gehaald, we hopen dat het genieten was! Nu nog even de laatste loodjes vandaag. Succes!

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Day 12, Friday 13 July

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Deventer Teuge (EHTE)T12